A Tale of Two Fernandez’s


Photo by Debra Fernandez


Written by Del A. Fernandez

October 18, 2012



 Clouds askew,uneven dark, their gathered weight misshapen

Maybe I can scale their height, maybe I can fix it

A field, a barren womb, whose seeds were dreams, did birth abort

Maybe I its guilt can fence, maybe I can fix it

The river’s journey ended, its perplexed length made still

Maybe I its doubt can clear, maybe I can fix it

A road detoured, its path unchosen, too far its distance traveled

Maybe I its route can right, maybe I can fix it

Maybe I this life unfinished, before its final curtain falls

Can script anew its final act and fate its favor find

And thwart regret of its full measure

by one last chance, to fix it