Ybor City’s In My Heart

Digital copies of the song, Ybor City, available at Bandcamp:

Ybor City is filled with a rich history of architectural, culinary, industrial, and cultural distinction, reflective of its multi-ethnic composition. The man singing its song, Tony Garcia, has been involved with this community his entire life. Many who have known him are unaware of the talent that he’s been blessed with. I have known him for nearly 40 years, and until a year or two ago, I had no idea that he was a gifted vocalist. After seeing him live for the first time at the third annual Flavor of West Tampa, we sat down and talked about our respective passions for music. I found out that he just began singing publicly about 5 years ago. I asked if he had any recordings of his work and was surprised to find out that he did not. I suggested that we get together and lay something down…something we could share online, and perhaps archive on one of the many music sites for independent artists. We started with the Bobby Caldwell’s hit, “What You Won’t Do For Love,” because it offered Tony a chance to showcase the warmth and range of his voice. While working on that cover, Tony suggested one of my songs, Ybor City, for the follow up project. Naturally, I was very excited about the prospect of having him interpret one of my works. We got together once again, and the results surpassed my expectations. Tony was able to breathe new life into my song, and after mixing and listening countless times, I am certain that it will be well received by local and national fans of this historic community. Do yourself a favor, though. Make sure that you listen through a decent set of speakers or headphones. It’s essential. It’s the only way you can get the full effect of Tony’s dynamic rendering. Now, sit back, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Tampa native, Tony Garcia, as he pours his heart and soul into “Ybor City”.



A Tale of Two Fernandez’s


Photo by Debra Fernandez


Written by Del A. Fernandez

October 18, 2012



 Clouds askew,uneven dark, their gathered weight misshapen

Maybe I can scale their height, maybe I can fix it

A field, a barren womb, whose seeds were dreams, did birth abort

Maybe I its guilt can fence, maybe I can fix it

The river’s journey ended, its perplexed length made still

Maybe I its doubt can clear, maybe I can fix it

A road detoured, its path unchosen, too far its distance traveled

Maybe I its route can right, maybe I can fix it

Maybe I this life unfinished, before its final curtain falls

Can script anew its final act and fate its favor find

And thwart regret of its full measure

by one last chance, to fix it