Watch “I Remember Tampa (Live Video at the 611)” on YouTube

I have been writing and recording songs since I was 17 years old, but In the 43 years that followed, I have done very little performing. I’ve gotten so used to producing one song, then going on to the next, that I have trouble retaining the lyrics and chord changes to my own compositions. Aside from that, I often have problems staying in tune vocally, because I love to improvise, but I’m never quite sure of where I’m going with an idea. So I can’t seem to get through a song without a major screw up. And yet, there’s nothing more that I love to hear than an artist’s interpretation of his work. With that in mind, I have recorded a live version of “I Remember Tampa”, so that those who enjoy the song can catch a glimpse of this artist’s interpretation. I hope you enjoy it.

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