Interview with David Arn

Excellent interview with David Arn…

Sergeant Sparrow

David Arn

There are deliberate songsters in the world that have a hum within themselves. They close their ears to outside influence and pull deep within themselves a breadth of internal sound to be exposed on a blank canvas of audio recording equipment. The process is an organic happenstance that shapes an audio landscape on which we the listeners can form a lucid dream in our minds. Their sonic visions create an audio track to our own imagination, or theirs, much like readers envision characters on the page. Some composers can offer up their sound to do just that. Their lyrics motivate the listener’s gears to turn, spinning cogs and wheels long dusted over with neglect. Their chord choices lay the ground work on which our imagination floats. David Arn is one of these composers. His audio choices are deliberate, unique, and interesting.

His music is simply complex so it may be easy to miss…

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