Over 100 historically significant photos of Tampa…the RNC’s next stop.

I Remember Tampa

Special thanks to Dan Perez and his TampaPix website…

Mike Baluja’s hit song, “I Remember Tampa” is used as the intro during the opening credits for The Tampa Natives Show, and again at the end, during the closing credits.

Visit The Tampa Natives Show website to learn more about this unique, history-preserving call-in show.

The first 22 images of this video will pass quite rapidly.  After the Tampa Natives Show logo, it will slow down.

To view directly on Youtube click I Remember Tampa. To view on the TampaPix website click TampaPix.

Below are descriptions of the photos and links to where you can learn more about them and see them larger. Tampapix Home     Tampa Natives photo index at Tampapix

  1. President John F. Kennedy JFK stepping off plane Air Force One, MacDill AFB, Nov. 18, 1963 – Photo by Tony Zappone http://big13.com/JFK In Tampa/jfk_tampa2.htm  Photo at…

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