The Voice of Tampa

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I grew up in the multi-cultural community of West Tampa, in a small house located on Spruce Street. In my neighborhood, there were Cubans, Italians, African Americans, and Anglos. Despite the vast differences in our heritage, we got along fine. Within walking distance were the schools I attended: Macfarlane Park Elementary, Cuesta, and St. Joseph’s. Down the street was the legendary West Tampa Little League, which produced players such as, Tino Martinez, Dave Magadan, Luis Gonzalez, and Fred McGriff. As youngsters, we could enjoy spending our days at at the ballpark, as well as, MacFarlane Park, West Tampa Heights, The West Tampa Boys Club, and St. Joseph’s playground. These are just a few of the places that have helped to shape the wonderful memories that I have of this tightly knit community. A few years ago, I wrote a song called “West Tampa”. Then I went out early one Sunday morning and shot some pictures of the area. Finally, I mixed ’em up and the result was a delightful video which has gathered over 12,000 views on you tube. Please take a moment to visit my hometown through my eyes and through my heart, and to listen the song that I’ve created for it. If you enjoy it, and you would like to support my efforts as an artist, I urge you to visit the Baluja store on my website… There you can sample and purchase individual songs or entire CDs. Also, as you browse through some of my pages, take note of some of the great links I’ve posted.