Video Gospel Hour Pays Tribute to Tampa Broadcast Legend Tedd Webb

Values in the Heart
Henry Ruiz, aka Tedd Webb

On Wednesday, May 19, at 9:00 pm (EST), the Video Gospel Hour will devote a segment of its show to honor the late, Tedd Webb, who passed away on March 30, 2021. Tedd was a legendary DJ, talk show host, and radio personality who grew up in Tampa, and broke in to the business of broadcasting at a very young age. In 2017, after 50 years in the business, he retired from WFLA 970 AM, where he and fellow legend, Jack Harris, entertained morning listeners since the early 90’s. Aside from his stellar career on the airwaves, Tedd enjoyed a fruitful family life, a continued closeness to many lifelong friends in his hometown, and a deep faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Tune into the ALG Gospel Network to watch this moving tribute, which will include the airing of “Matters of the Mind”, a song I wrote for for Tedd in 2018. The video for it features many pictures from his Facebook page. Afterwards, Tedd’s cousin, Sergio Rosello, makes a brief statement that leads to the grand finale: a spectacular version of “How Great Thou Art”, performed by international recording star, James Marvell, a lifelong friend of Tedd’s, and the man who spearheaded the tribute. Special thanks go out to Roy Young, the founder of the ALG Gospel Network, for the amazing work that he has put into providing a platform for so many inspirational messages. We are blessed to have such a family friendly environment to turn to each day.

Here are the links to the ALG Network, and to the live feed:

Link to ALG website:

Link to live broadcast:

YouTube Promo:

Remembering Tedd Webb

Values in the Heart

I wish I could honestly say that Henry Ruiz, AKA Tedd Webb, was one of my oldest and dearest friends. But the truth is, he grew up a decade before me and we never actually met until a few years … Continue reading

I’ll Remember Super Bowl LV

Version #1

It’s a thrill to be hosting Super Bowl LV here in Tampa. But to be hosting it and to have your home team in it as well, is extra special. There’s a buzz in the city like I’ve never seen or felt before. Throw in the fact that the Rays, the Lightning, and the Rowdies all had championship seasons, and that buzz becomes euphoric. And so, in the midst of the hoopla that is surrounding this city right now, I will be sharing a trilogy a videos, each based on my recent re-recording and rewriting of “I Remember Tampa”. Version #1 contains the original lyrics, which were directed at the people who were born and raised here, or those who have lived in this area for a substantial amount amount of time. It begins with footage of an older couple dancing in their home, reminiscing about what it was like to grow up in Tampa. As the first verse begins, you will see old 8 mm footage of many of the places and activities that are symbolic of our history…a boy practicing baseball with his father at West Tampa Little League, families gathering for parties at MacFarlane Park, picnics on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, crabbing, Christmas, Easter, Gasparilla,  and even a short clip of the historic Kennedy motorcade that passed through Tampa, just 4 days prior to that fateful day in Dallas. Throughout the video, and at the end, the older couple reappear, to bring things back to the present, but the theme is evident…”I remember, I remember…I’m a Tampa Native…I will share my story with you to preserve its history.”

Version #2

The second version of the “I Remember Tampa” video features lyrics which were re-written for the occasion. It is meant to be a welcoming gift, as well as, a parting keepsake to all our visitors who are here for the big game, and to the rest of the NFL fans who will be watching from around the world. The message is clear: Tampa is a city where cherished memories are created…a great place to visit…and a great place to live. For this version, I used several iconic images that were obtained, courtesy of our tourism council, Visit Tampa Bay. What you will see are some of the sights that make Tampa so appealing to visitors, and residents, alike.

Version #3

This version used the same soundtrack as Version #2, but the images shown were all downloaded from various posts on Facebook. There are a host of images that emerged on social media in the days and weeks leading to the Super Bowl. This video is meant to be a reminder of all the excitement surrounding the event.

In conclusion, I want to say that no matter who you are rooting for on Sunday, February 7, 2021, this city hopes to leave a favorable impression on you, our visitors, our Natives, and those watching from television sets around the globe. We want everyone to remember Tampa with fondness and affection for years to come.

I Remember “I Remember Tampa”

This year began with a great deal of hope and excitement for Tampa’s “unofficial” theme song. After being blessed with a generous donation, I was able to fulfill a decade long dream to complete a studio recording of “I Remember … Continue reading

James Marvell Sings “I Remember Tampa”

Tampa’s unique history is relived through this passionate rendition of “I Remember Tampa”, as interpreted by James Marvell, former singer for 60’s chart busting group, Mercy. James is a Tampa native who grew up in Ybor City. His dad, Sal, was a renowned barber in Tampa, and one of his young customers back in the 60’s was Mike Baluja, the songwriter who composed “I Remember Tampa”. This is the second Tampa themed song that the two artists have collaborated on. The first was Marvell’s “Tampa, The Perfect City for Me”, which was produced by Baluja. They share an unparalleled love for Tampa. James recorded his version at Dreamlab Recording Studio, where owner, Michael Chauncey, remastered and added harmonies.

James Marvell

Super Bowl LV: I’m in Love with Tampa…

I Remember Tampa…and she remembers me!

I recently completed a rewrite of “I Remember Tampa”, which I began working on earlier in the year. I wanted to create a keepsake for everyone who visits during Super Bowl LV. The original version of the song addresses a love for Tampa from the perspective of someone who has either grown up here, or has spent a substantial amount of time here, and laments the changes that have occurred, idealizing the past…longing for qa Tampa that no longer exists. The “new” version is more “for the moment”…written from the perspective of someone who visited Tampa, and fell in love with the city, the way she is right now. Gone from the refrain is “I’m a Tampa Native”, and in its place, “I’m in love with Tampa.” It addresses the visitor’s desire to keep coming back…frequently. The pics speak for themselves, describing why Tampa is so appealing…so lovable.  They were all downloaded from I also used some video that a friend of mine shot a few years ago. As a matter of fact, it was the year that the Republican National Convention was held here, so you will see a short clip that references it. I uploaded several versions of the song, with varying lyrical ideas. They are all available on the I Remember Tampa YouTube channel I created. 

“This love affair was meant grow, this endless bound, now, don’t you know.” 

I’ve written many songs, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the greatest gift that I can give back to Tampa for all the special moments and memories she’s given me.

I Remember Tampa

Available online at…

Amazon Music:…





Written and Recorded by Mike Baluja

Executive Producer: William Epps

Creative Director: Mario Nuñez

Recorded and Produced at Paris Recording Studio

Owner and Sound Engineer: Eric Maldonado

Arranger and Bass Guitar: Kevin Pagan

Drums/Percussion: Luis Alicea

Trumpets: Luis Chafalote

Piano: Yassel Pupo Alonso

Guitar: Levi Lopez

Lead Vocal: Mike Baluja

Back Up Vocals: Mario Nuñez

Dignity No Matter What

Back in 2010, I wrote a song called “Invisible”, which was my attempt to create an awareness of and empathy for, the rapidly growing homeless population throughout the nation, and in particular, throughout the city of Tampa. Fast forward to 2019, where we find homelessness an inescapable social malady that, no matter how hard we try, we can not ignore. Where once, the harsh reality was mostly contained within certain areas of downtown, now, it has spread to every major intersection, convenience store, interstate crossing, city park, and more. It hurts to see them…it hurts to ignore them…but it must hurt far worse to be them.

The artist, Renato Rampolla, whose photographs are featured in this video, has done an exceptional job of capturing the despair, the hopelessness, and the devastation that the homeless deal with every minute of every day in their lives on the streets. Ron’s 18 month journey into their dark world is a very interesting story, and his book, Dignity No Matter What, is a riveting look into their lives; complete with captions, in their own words. For more information on how to obtain a copy, visit his website at:

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to a local, hands-on charitable organization called, Blanket Tampa Bay. You can also find out more about them through Ron’s website.

The 2018 Remix


It’s been quite some time since I blogged anything, so in an effort to reaclimate myself with the process, I will write something short and sweet about my newest remix and pictorial video of I Remember Tampa, featuring alternate images memorable places and people from this city’s past. All pics were downloaded from the Tampa Natives Facebook page, but they probably originated from varied individual posts. Hopefully, you will enjoy this upbeat version of the song.


Legendary Tampeño Spreads “Marvellous” Christmas Cheer

imageThe following story I’m sharing is about Tampa music legend, James Marvell: his background and his upcoming Christmas Special:

Story by Our Generation’s Raymond Napolitano <> permission granted to re-print article-see photos

James Marvell to feature Branson in his Christmas Special

Watch “A Marvelous Christmas Special” now!

Florida: Ybor City’s own James Marvell has been spelling his name wrong all these years. He should have dropped the last ‘L” and paraded himself around as the marvel that he is. I spent a fair amount of time listening to this smooth talking musician/promoter/salesman, watching all the YouTube videos of him from across the decades, looking at the photos and clippings he has sent me and continues to send me, and have bubbled over with fermenting thoughts about this enigmatic local legend.

He doesn’t tell anyone his age, but he likes telling the story about how he was on The Mike Douglas Show with the group Mercy. You remember them don’t you, they had that iconic hit Love Can Make You Happy, the one that was in the Top 10 at the same time along with Elvis, The Beatles, Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra. Here’s how James told it: “I was on The Mike Douglas Show with Don Rickles. There I am, down in the cellar getting ready for the show, as a 19-year old kid. There’s Don Rickles and in my mind I didn’t really quite understand that he was this insult guy. So there I am and they’re fixing me up and all that and he hands me a ball with a lot of bumps on it—you gotta remember I’m a young guy—and he says: ‘Here man, this reminds me of your face.’ I’m thinking, what a downer state of mind this guy has put me in you know, but because I didn’t know any better, little did I know, he liked me.”

I get the feeling that James Marvell has spent a lifetime of people liking him, whether he was aware of it or not, throughout the various sectors of a career that went from garage bands to country music to pop stardom, then back to country music with a stint as a jewelry designer for country stars, to gospel show promoter and eventual gospel music singer and songwriter.

When Marvell gets going on a subject, he comes at you with a steady barrage of ideas. He even wrote a jingle for Our Generation Magazine, recorded it and sent the music file to myself and publisher Bryan Gilchrist. It’s that tenacious determination to keep you thinking about what he’s telling you or showing you that makes him both endearing and eternally youthful in spirit.

And why not. His father Sal, a local barber, lived to be 103, cutting hair almost to the very end. In fact, YouTube the video of Sal at 100 years old joining his son to perform James’ song Tampa, the Perfect City produced by Mike Baluja and you’ll feel the loving respect and genuine gratitude they have for family and the city they both love. Sal & Marvell even made it into Music Tampa Bay’s 96.7 FM Hall Of Fame Museum in 2016 as the first inductees ever.

James Marvell’s story starts out like many other musicians’ stories. His mother Emily got him a guitar at about age 12 and encouraged him to play. Along the way he got guitar guidance from various talented adults, then, “because I also enjoyed country music,” James would hang out at The Deep South, a honky tonk on the corner of Armenia and Rome, listening to Johnny Bare, who happened to be the uncle of country music icon Bobby Bare. By that time, James and his pal Buddy Good had grown their hair way down, as was customary for young people back in the day. They’d wear cowboy hats and whenever Bobby Bare came to visit his uncle he’d see these two long-haired cowboys and tell them how cool they looked. So James and Buddy moved up to Nashville and became country music’s first real outlaws, at least in image. While part of Mercy, they figured they’d do their own thing and went off as a duet, The Country Cavaleers managed by John Centinaro who also managed Mercy. They were out on the road with folks like Ernest Tubbs and early Hank Williams Jr, drawing young crowds with their looks while simultaneously preaching an anti-drug message. Tampa radio legend Tedd Webb recalls “Long Hair & Country didn’t sound like this until then.”

Well, you know how the music business goes. Sometimes you have to get a day job to keep yourself afloat. Somehow this marvel, Marvell, started designing jewelry. Before long it caught the attention of some of country’s greatest stars, including Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe and Willie Nelson. That took him to Branson, Missouri. Here’s another turning point story from James: “I was being blessed abundantly, selling jewelry left and right. So there I am in Branson with the Willie Nelson Ozark Theater, it’s like a 1500-seater. The Johnny Minick Family, a gospel group, they were kinda just gettin started, would drive in from Arkansas on the weekend and they’d get like 20 people. Something moved on me to try to help them with that work. I pushed and promoted and before long that created theater worship, filling the house. Branson gave me the idea that maybe that was the kind of music that was coming. I loved it so much I recorded a song around ‘93 titled, Only Christian Country. It became the theme song of the International Country Gospel Music Association.”

And it’s been pretty much gospel ever since. Go on YouTube and track down Marvell’s versions of Best Thing God Ever Made, Prophecy or any of the other gospel and country hits he’s had and your ears will thank you, as will your soul. Spend some time online with the marvelous James Marvell, a homespun gentle man with a legendary history and visions of a brilliant future.

Top stars including Branson favorites are joining James Marvell on his Christmas TV Special. Artists include The Blackwoods, Terry Wayne Sanders as Barney Fife & Grandma Beulah, Johnny Cash’s sister Joanne, Jerry Presley, Kevin Shorey, Heart To Heart, Donna Cunningham, Russ Loniello with a Dean Martin Tribute, America’s Got Talent Top five finalists Voices Of Glory are back by popular demand and others will appear on A Marvelous Christmas directed by Roy Young. Search it out in early December for a most enjoyable viewing experience.