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I have been writing and recording songs since I was 17 years old, but In the 43 years that followed, I have done very little performing. I’ve gotten so used to producing one song, then going on to the next, that I have trouble retaining the lyrics and chord changes to my own compositions. Aside from that, I often have problems staying in tune vocally, because I love to improvise, but I’m never quite sure of where I’m going with an idea. So I can’t seem to get through a song without a major screw up. And yet, there’s nothing more that I love to hear than an artist’s interpretation of his work. With that in mind, I have recorded a live version of “I Remember Tampa”, so that those who enjoy the song can catch a glimpse of this artist’s interpretation. I hope you enjoy it.

Our Christmas Tree

  Every December, thanks to my wife, our home turns into a mini wonderland. Amazingly, she manages to muster up the energy to take our Christmas boxes out of storage, unpack all of the decorations, and meticulously place them in … Continue reading


Congratulations, Papi

I will always remember the crushing shots you hit against our Rays. I think you hit more home runs at the Trop than you did in any other major league field. You were the biggest threat whenever Boston came to … Continue reading


Ybor City’s In My Heart

Digital copies of the song, Ybor City, available at Bandcamp:

Ybor City is filled with a rich history of architectural, culinary, industrial, and cultural distinction, reflective of its multi-ethnic composition. The man singing its song, Tony Garcia, has been involved with this community his entire life. Many who have known him are unaware of the talent that he’s been blessed with. I have known him for nearly 40 years, and until a year or two ago, I had no idea that he was a gifted vocalist. After seeing him live for the first time at the third annual Flavor of West Tampa, we sat down and talked about our respective passions for music. I found out that he just began singing publicly about 5 years ago. I asked if he had any recordings of his work and was surprised to find out that he did not. I suggested that we get together and lay something down…something we could share online, and perhaps archive on one of the many music sites for independent artists. We started with the Bobby Caldwell’s hit, “What You Won’t Do For Love,” because it offered Tony a chance to showcase the warmth and range of his voice. While working on that cover, Tony suggested one of my songs, Ybor City, for the follow up project. Naturally, I was very excited about the prospect of having him interpret one of my works. We got together once again, and the results surpassed my expectations. Tony was able to breathe new life into my song, and after mixing and listening countless times, I am certain that it will be well received by local and national fans of this historic community. Do yourself a favor, though. Make sure that you listen through a decent set of speakers or headphones. It’s essential. It’s the only way you can get the full effect of Tony’s dynamic rendering. Now, sit back, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Tampa native, Tony Garcia, as he pours his heart and soul into “Ybor City”.



Back to Back Baluja Birthdays

Today (4/8), my baby boy turns 30, and tomorrow (4/9), his baby girl turns 2. Feeling blessed to be a father and an Abuelo, celebrating these two very special occasions in my life. They represent the next two generations of … Continue reading


Tampa Catholic vs. Jesuit: An Unparalleled Prep Baseball Rivalry

2015’s first baseball matchup between longtime rivals Tampa Catholic and Jesuit ended with a 6-4 victory for the Tigers. The brisk evening was highlighted with a crab pasta fundraiser hosted by the home team Crusaders. On hand to cover the event were Tampa Natives Show host, Mario Núñez and Brian Dery, along with his assistant, Jacob Rush, of Triple Knot Productions. Enjoy some exciting live action clips intermingled with interviews from Peter J. Mulry, John Tamargo, and Mike Baluja. As you will see, it was a magical evening, filled with fun, special moments, and a friendly completion that has endured for over six decades.




Interview with David Arn

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David Arn There are deliberate songsters in the world that have a hum within themselves. They close their ears to outside influence and pull deep within themselves a breadth of internal sound to be exposed on a…


I Am Thankful…

I am thankful…
For every blessing…
For every ounce of faith, hope, and love that come my way…
For the family and friends I have to share these virtues with…
For the spirit of creativity that enables me to express myself…
And for the kindness and understanding of those who care enough to listen.

I am thankful for every step I take in the journey of life…
As difficult as it can be at times…
I am thankful…
Because it can be equally beautiful…
And I have witnessed that beauty.


Happy Thanksgiving to All



The Magic of Music Meets the Classic Western

Part of growing up in Tampa, or anywhere else in America during the 60’s, involved being at the theater, a drive-in, or in front of a television set and watching a classic western. Rio Bravo has long been one of my favorites. It mixes action, drama, comedy, costume, and spectacular cinematography with a star studded cast to produce one of the most feel good movie experiences in film history. My favorite scene involves a lighthearted musical moment when legendary crooner, Dean Martin, and teen idol, Ricky Nelson, share the stage on a couple of standards. I have often posted the link to this scene on social media sites, but I have never explained why I enjoy it so much. I’m not sure that I can. It’s just that I get this overwhelming sense of heavenly peace when I hear and see the interaction of these actors playing off of each other. It’s absolutely timeless. So sit back, take five, and enjoy this clip, which also features Walter Brennan on harmonica, and the late, great John Wayne just sipping on a cup of coffee. Funny thing is, “Duke” (the star of the show) is the only one who doesn’t have a line in the scene. But believe me, the look on his face says it all.